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The 20th Guangzhou International Valve and Fluid Equipment Exhibition
2020-04-10 11:02:31

Welcome to FLOWEXPO! Founded in 1997, FLOWEXPO is held once a year and is held in Guangzhou every year. So far, it has successfully held 19 sessions and attracted more than 3,000 global well-known suppliers to participate. FLOWEXPO is the earliest international trade fair for valve and fittings held in China. It is one of the largest, most professional and technologically advanced valve and fitting industry exhibitions in Asia. FLOWEXPO is positioned to provide a communication platform for both supply and demand of valve and fittings. The gathering of pipe fitting manufacturers, valve fitting buyers, valve fitting users, valve fitting importers and exporters, valve fitting technology / sales / management professionals has a milestone significance for the valve fitting industry and has a profound impact on the development of the valve fitting industry influences.

FLOWEXPO is an important channel for the import and export trade of valves and fittings. Overseas buyers from more than 40 countries visit the exhibition, and it is also an exhibition that dealers and agents must visit. The organizers have sent invitations to more than 100 national target audiences! The invited audiences mainly come from procurement hotspots such as process, construction, municipal, energy, environmental protection, foreign trade, etc., and 80% of visitors from outside Guangzhou city, among which foreign visitors are more More than 10% is a real trans-regional international event.