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Use and maintenance of filters
2021-03-29 20:35:26

Use and maintenance of filters

1. The filter can only be used according to the rated voltage / frequency indicated on the nameplate.

2. The filter should be maintained at intervals. Before cleaning and maintenance, be sure to disconnect the filter from the power supply.

3. Please make sure that the wire plug is not wetted during cleaning or the plug must be dried before reconnecting the power.

4. Do not unplug the power cord with wet hands.

5. The filter is only used in indoor aquariums.

6. If the filter is damaged, especially when the power cord is damaged, it cannot be used.

7. Make sure that the filter works in the correct water level, and the filter cannot be used without water.

8. Do not disassemble or repair the filter without permission to avoid danger or damage to the body. The filter maintenance should be performed by professionals.